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Special thanks to those special people who volunteered their time, effort and talent towards furthering CATI's mission:

The Past and Present Board of Directors of CATI:

Shelly Berger
Harriet Cornell
William Chase
Dale Chayes
Jan Degenshein
Fleur Eshghi
Joanne Ginsburg
Marilyn Gross
Clover Hall

Thom Kleiner
Michael Loewenberg
Susan Margison
Charles Perrella
Magdalena Ramirez
Margery Rothenberg
Marianne Smith
Mel Weisblatt
Lynn Westbrook

And special thanks to those special people who helped to put "Planet Rockland" in orbit:

Craig Marcus, for web site development and Planet Rockland's "new look"
John Creagh, for impeccable computer graphics
Vikki Harmonay, for html design and web support
Farokh Irani, for technical support, he's always there
Kevin Liu, student, for graphic assistance
Debbie Molinaro, for responsive, creative web page development and updates with an eye for detail
Carl Opalek, for concept and superb graphic design
Charles Perrella of Trexis, Inc., Valley Cottage, for his business and technical insight.
Jan V. Polk, for web page layout and design
Mel Weisblatt of MicroAge, Bardonia, for donating server space. He's our host with the most.
Debra Wells, for web site development and HTML expertise
Stanley J. Yavner, Esq., Patent Attorney, for trademark counsel

. . . and a special acknowledgment to Harriet Cornell, Founder and Chair of CATI, for her innovative approaches to community networking and for her inspiration which continues to launch many community initiatives that help to improve life in Rockland County. While CATI has stimulated economic growth in the area of Internet development in Rockland, equally important is that it promises to bring information access to the "haves" and the "have nots" thanks to her.

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