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About CATI

...the Computer And Telecommunications Initiative of Rockland, Inc.a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York in April 1996

Mission Statement:

"The Computer and Telecommunications Initiative of Rockland, Inc. is organized under the laws of the State of New York to conduct a community service organization for charitable and educational purposes. It is dedicated to bringing the potential benefits of new information and communications technologies to all residents of Rockland County, New York, regardless of economic status or technical proficiency, and to every institution, organization and business, regardless of size, while avoiding duplication of effort and unnecessary costs."


CATI, a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization incorporated in April 1996, was first formed in September 1995 when Harriet Cornell invited 50 representatives of schools, colleges, businesses, social services, libraries, healthcare, government and parents to join her in creating a community coalition dedicated to bringing the benefits of computers and telecommunications to all.

Harriet Cornell, who is a Rockland County Legislator, has a long history of creating successful collaborative community initiatives in the areas of housing, child care, health care, violence prevention, and education. Ms. Cornell recognized that the information infrastructure, like electricity and roads, is a community-wide need that could enrich opportunities for education; improve access to health care, government information, business and social services; broaden arts and cultural exchange and enhance participation in public affairs.

The community representatives were unanimous in their interest in being part of CATI, a community service-oriented endeavor which would benefit all of Rockland County. CATI's purpose is to stimulate economic development, create jobs, reduce government costs, provide equal access, enhance education and advance our community into the 21st century.

Rockland County's initiative is significant in that it is one of a very few localities in the nation that is seeking to maximize the potential available through computer technology for the benefit of the entire community.


CATI is managed by a Board of Directors representative of the community:

Shelly Berger, Treasurer

Harriet Cornell, President, CATI Board

Michael Loewenberg, Technical VP

Susan Margison, Attorney

Margery Rothenberg

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