Creative Response to Conflict, Inc.

Children’s Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC)

Box 271

521 North Broadway

Nyack, New York 10960

Phone: (914) 353 – 1796

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Office hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Workshop Hours: Variable – Weekdays & Weekends

Mission Statement

The mission of Creative Response to Conflict, Inc. and Children’s Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) is to help educators, parents and those who work with young people learn creative skills of non-violent conflict resolution through cooperation, communication, affirmation, problem solving, mediation and bias awareness. The board and staff of CCRC work on modeling these approaches and will continue to adapt techniques to meet the challenges of an increasingly violent world by working locally and globally to achieve a non-violent and just world.

CCRC, founded in 1972, became incorporated as Creative Response to Conflict on June 1, 1992. It currently employs three full-time staff and two part-time staff.


CRC conducts workshops for people of all ages in conflict resolution, mediation, problem solving and bias awareness. Workshops can be adapted for specific age groups and to meet specific needs. Costs are negotiable.

  • School-based Workshops focus on providing an environment where students and staff can begin looking at new ways to examine conflicts and develop solutions. Workshops are experiential and fun. Specially designed activities help participants to see that there are many alternatives to violence. Educators and students alike will feel part of a safer, more open and more productive school.
  • Staff Development Workshops – Courses for teachers and administrators allow participants to apply CRC methods to their concurrent work with children, and to bring these experiences to the course sessions for suggestions and evaluation.
  • In-Classroom Workshops – Many teachers have found that they learn most when CRC facilitators go with them into the classroom to work with their children. Here the teacher becomes a planner and a facilitator with the CRC staff. It is even more desirable to work with several teachers in a school. In this case, an ongoing support group can be developed in which teachers work on planning and evaluating CRC workshops for their classrooms. Activities in the CRC themes are adapted to the age level and curriculum areas for children, K-12. A typical day in this model includes three or four one-hour classroom workshops with time scheduled for teacher meetings.
  • Community-based Workshops are conducted for after-school programs, camps, religious organizations and community organizations. Conflict is a part of our ongoing, everyday lives. CRC’s goal is to help people learn to deal with conflict effectively and creatively. Community based workshops include:
  • Introductory Workshops in which, the philosophy of the program is presented together with sample activities in each of the central themes: Cooperation, Communication, Affirmation, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Mediation.
  • One Two Day(s) or Weekend Workshops where a more intensive development of the CCRC themes is presented with a broader range of experiential activities and discussion on various adaptations.
  • Trainings for Workshop Facilitators are offered in Nyack for parents, educators and community members who are interested in introducing conflict resolution in their homes, schools and/or communities. Intensive trainings familiarize participants with CRC activities, demonstrate how activities are used in a classroom or community workshop, and provide a safe space for participants to practice leading CRC activities. As a result of these trainings participants will have a basic foundation in conflict resolution theory, skills and techniques.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Volunteer duties include, duplicating, typing, collating, filing and general clerical work. Volunteers are given the opportunity to learn more about CRC, our work and our philosophy. Internship opportunities are also available.

Contact People

Priscilla Prutzman Harmonie Jones
Executive Director Program & Workshop Coordinator

Judith Johnson Sarah Ryan
Curriculum Coordinator Office Coordinator


If you are interested in having CRC conduct a workshop in your school or community, participating in a CRC training or becoming an intern or volunteer, please contact CRC. We will be happy to assist you.

CRC offers a variety of conflict resolution resources and materials. We also publish a newsletter, Sharing Space, three times a year. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact the CRC office.


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